Identifying & Living Your Values As A Financial Advisory Firm

Originally published on AdvisorNews

Despite what we may want to believe, money is not just a math problem. Money has baggage. And since money touches so many aspects of our lives, it is fertile ground for our anxieties and worries. It can also be an expression of our deepest values and beliefs. “Retail therapy” and “voting with our dollars” are both well-known concepts for this reason.

The financial services industry is tasked with helping people be good stewards of their wealth. A financial advisor’s work often involves clients’ entire net worth and all major financial decision-making. It provides the perfect launchpad for aligning clients’ financial lives with their values.

Those of us in the financial industry understand this. It’s why “listening” is so often cited as the number one skill financial advisors need. It’s also why ESG investing is a fast-growing field. But while most us are focused on aligning clients’ money with their values, we can forget about the financial power we wield as business owners and leaders

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