Modernist in the Big City!

Hi friends,

This month we are excited about Georgia being in NYC to offer Money Stories workshops at In goop Health, sharing insights on last quarter’s investment returns, and reflecting on the meaning of leadership. As always, we hope you enjoy our musings and updates. If you know anyone else who might like our newsletter, we would love it if you’d pass it on! -- Georgia & Team Modernist

Modernist in NYC


Thanks to the good folks at goop, Georgia will be in NYC for In goop Health, holding workshops on Discovering Our Money Stories. Check out the line up here!

We are always looking for fabulous new clients and collaborators. If there is anybody in the city you think we should meet, we would love an introduction! GLH will be in town March 5-10. Just drop us a line at To learn more about who may be a good fit for us, check out our website. 

Investment Insights


Last quarter, the global stock markets experienced a decline in prices between 6.7% and 13.5%, despite a strong global economy and corporate profits.

For more investment-related resources, including our note to clients on Why We Don’t Go To Cash in Down Markets and an in-depth Q4 2018 review from our Investment Committee, check out our recent video and blog posts on investments.

Modernist learns to B the Change


In 2019, we decided to structure our team learning efforts around Brene Brown’s newest book Dare to Lead. We aim for this actionable guide to help each team member step into leadership in their roles at Modernist and beyond. After all, our big vision will certainly require courageous leadership!

So far, we have identified our individual and team square squads, practiced generous assumptions, and identified where we can unwind our cultural myths about vulnerability. If you’d like to read along or have other resources we should check out, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Songs that are really about vision

Speaking of vision, Janelle Monae’s Americans is an anthem for those of us who hold a bold vision of what America could be. When our current political reality gets you down, give it a listen and then get to work...

Until women can get equal pay for equal work / This is not my America
Until same-gender loving people can be who they are / This is not my America
Until black people can come home from a police stop without being shot in the head / This is not my America, huh!
Until poor whites can get a shot at being successful / This is not my America
Until Latinos and Latinas don't have to run from walls / This is not my America
But I tell you today that the devil is a liar / Because it's gon' be my America before it's all over

Click on the video above to watch her performance on Stephen Colbert.

Modernist in the Press


If you are considering re-evaluating your banking structure at the outset of the new year, you may find this article from Business Insider a helpful guide (complete with comments from our own Georgia!)

Her advice: It’s best practice to evaluate where you're banking, whether it aligns with your values, and what you're getting from your accounts every couple of years.