What we talk about when we talk about money

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This month we are diving into portfolio maintenance, recruiting for a new team member, talking about money in relationships, and sharing recent press. Enjoy!
Georgia and Team Modernist

Investment insights on portfolio construction


Your work with your advisor should take a big-picture approach to growing your bottom line, rather than just “vanity” top-line returns.

In our final white paper in the "It's Not About What You Make, iI's What You Keep" series, we share Modernist's strategies beyond just prudent investment management.

Diversification, rebalancing, cost minimization, and values-based investing can work together to have a significant positive impact on overall returns. Check out our latest white paper to get the details!

Modernist is growing


Modernist is hiring!

We're recruiting for a rockstar to help us serve our fabulous clients and grow the firm as an Associate Financial Planner.

Do you wonder how inherited money stories influence clients’ behavior? Do you worry about wealth inequality? Do you have a favorite Kitces tax planning post? 

Click here to learn more, apply, or tell your friends!

Modernist money stories in Refinery29

One of the best parts of our work at Modernist is helping couples learn how to talk about money in a way that nourishes their relationship, rather than straining it. Georgia recently chatted with the good folks at Refinery29 about just this topic.

If you’ve ever struggled to navigate finances in the context of a relationship, check out the full story: We Should Be Talking About Money with Our Partners - Here’s Where to Start!

Songs that are really about money in relationships

If you are having a hard time opening up money conversations in your relationship, take a cue from vintage Queen Bey and the rest of Destiny's Child squad. They are nothing but fearless in sharing their financial preferences in Independent Women Pt. 1:

Pay my own fun, oh, and I pay my own bills / Always fifty fifty in relationships / The shoes on my feet, I've bought it / The clothes I'm wearing, I've bought it

Modernist takes it outside: Woman of the Week

Last month Georgia was one of M Dash's Women of the Week.

She talked with M Dash about rewriting her own money story & changing career paths from artist to financial planner. You can read Georgia's interview here!

Georgia was also interviewed onThe Out Entrepreneurpodcast, whereshe and host Rhodes Perry talked about - what else? - being an out entrepreneur in the financial industry.Check out the podcast recording here.