Happy Birthday Modernist!

Hi Friends,
This month we are celebrating our 4th birthday and the evolution of our work. We hope you enjoy! -- Georgia and Team Modernist

Four years ago, we decided to launch Modernist Financial because we wanted a financial industry that would be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of all people.

We are so honored by the attention Modernist has been receiving in the community and the press. We couldn’t be happier to see how much our mission is resonating.

Now, we’re building on our momentum by expanding our team to serve our growing community of clients, while modelling a team-based approach to wealth management.


We want Modernist to be the change we hope to see in the world. But change doesn’t happen overnight.

We find that when we’re planning, reflecting on the cycles of nature, and especially the moon, helps us navigate our journey.

Scroll to see a few of the phases we’ve completed and view our full journey on our website.


Modernist Financial was launched in July 2015, with the mission to resist the culture of conformity in finance; to serve clients who desired a more inclusive and responsible financial industry to guide them.


We spent that summer building a home for this vision – clarifying a Modernist look and feel, creating physical and digital space, establishing internal processes.


The following years focused on staking out our place in the community. We joined the B Corp movement, opened our doors with Modernist Money Stories, and welcomed in new clients.

View our whole journey here!

Georgia Hussey