TEAM MODERNIST ON our January LA trip, Recent Press, and X-Ray Spex

This month we’re excited about our upcoming trip to Los Angeles, recent press, and defining financial risk.

Modernist is coming to LA!

Team Modernist will be in sunny Los Angeles January 22nd - January 28th. If there is anybody in LA that you think we should meet - let us know! We are always on the lookout for fabulous new clients and collaborators, especially CPAs who work with creatives.

To learn more about who may be a good fit for us, take a look at the work we do.

Modernist in the news

Last month, Georgia had the distinct honor of being featured in a Forbes article alongside two kick-ass feminist icons. Check out 3 Feminists on How To Be Responsible with Money!

She was also included in Financial Advisor Magazine on artists who have crossed over to financial planning. We hope it will inspire more creatives to consider our industry. We need you!

Conversation starters

With the holiday season officially in full swing, Liliya has chimed in with an idea for your next family gathering. Check out her essay on how to approach end of life conversations here.

The bottom line: Talking about death is difficult, but you’ll be glad you did. Plus, at least it’s not as difficult as talking about money!

Songs that are really about resistance

Modernist has been deeply inspired by the many resistance movements that shaped 2017: Black Lives Matter, #metoo, the Women’s March, Indivisible… In honor of their raised voices, we’d like to highlight one of punk’s great songs from one of punk’s great albums, Germfree Adolescents by X-Ray Spex, lyrics by Poly Styrene.

The song “Oh, Bondage! Up Yours!” seems a fitting sentiment as we close out 2017 and move into a new year of resistance and social change, with its opening line:

“Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard / But I say: oh bondage, up yours!”

Investment insights

According to Meir Statman, of our investment committee, individuals’ willingness to accept risk depends on the distance between their aspirations and their current circumstances:

“If you are far from your aspirations, you might wish to accept prudent investment risk that offers a good chance to take you closer to your aspirations. But if you are ahead of your plan or have reached your aspirations, you may choose to enjoy lower investment risk, even if you can afford high investment risk.”

However, prolonged bull markets can lead people to mistakenly assume they can handle more risk than they actually should (or could). This is why it is so important to clarify your financial goals and implement a rules-based investment strategy that will keep you on track and help avoid distraction from market movements.

Read the rest here.