TEAM MODERNIST ON Refinery29, Modernist Money Stories, and Pink Floyd

This month we’re sharing some recent press, takeaways from our latest Modernist Money Stories gathering, and Q3’s Investment Insights video.

Modernist in the news

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Georgia wrote an essay for Refinery29, Inc. about her unlikely journey from artist to financial planner. Personal money stories are central to our work with clients - click through to the essay to learn more about hers: 

How I Went from Artist to Financial Planner

P.S. For the finance-nerds among us, we also penned a (very long) piece for financial influencer Michael Kitces’ site, Nerd’s Eye View, about the process of becoming a B Corp certified financial firm.

Modernist Money Stories


Every other month we invite a small group of thought leaders to gather and connect in a guided, confidential conversation about money through a new event series we launched this summer: MODERNIST MONEY STORIES.

Meaningful, intimate conversations about money lie at the heart of our work with clients and we’ve always aimed to expand these conversations beyond our one-on-one meetings. Modernist Money Stories takes these discussions into the larger community and supports our mission of fostering greater money awareness in our world.

Click here to read more about our latest gathering: Finding Meaning in Longevity: How could we envision our Young-Old Age? Our Old-Old Age?

Songs that are really about money stories

In her Refinery29 article, Georgia shared the money stories she learned in her youth, particularly the ones associated with her identity as an artist. These dysfunctional money stories of sell-outs and starving artists weigh heavily on many creatives, stifling their financial well-being. Pink Floyd explores our deep fears around being a sell-out in the brilliant “Have a Cigar:”

We’re just knocked out / We heard about the sell-out / You gotta get an album out / You owe it to the people / We’re so happy we can hardly count.

Investment Insights

In the latest installment of Investment Insights, Georgia discussed investing in a continuing bull market that has shown limited volatility and what it could mean for your investment decisions. As usual, we also presented a visual review of last quarter’s performance across asset classes.

Follow this link to watch the Q3 Investment Insights Recording. [30 min] 

[10:50]   The financial media’s recent hullabaloo over volatility in the US bull market

[21:25]   Why we tilt our portfolios towards Small Cap and Value Companies

Want to catch up on the past quarters’ webinars? You can check them out here.

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