TEAM MODERNIST ON Seinfeld and Estate Planning. Also, We're Hiring!

First Bowie, now Prince… we’re very sad about the passing of yet another gender-bending, musical genius. As financial planners, we were especially shocked to hear that Prince died without naming a music executor or writing a will. Read on for our thoughts on estate and end-of-life planning.  

Nerds of note on end-of-life planning

This summer we’re focused on reviewing and coordinating our clients’ estate planning, life insurance, and charitable intentions, all critical components of comprehensive financial planning. We believe their loved ones and fabulous future selves will be thankful for this work on their behalf!

Many of us balk at end-of-life planning because who likes to talk about death? With the boomers aging, there are many more resources available for building comfort and structure into our final years.

Last winter, Georgia read Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal with her 91-year-old grandfather and started a profound dialogue about the importance of feeling needed as he has aged. The Conversation Project offers an informal guide to initiating these conversations. Summer vacation can be a great time to start.

Though it may be uncomfortable at first, we know that ease comes from having clarity about what you and your loved ones want when the inevitable occurs.

Seinfeld episodes that are really about estate planning

Once you have clarified your wishes for aging and end-of-life care, it’s a good idea to put them in writing. For more complex documents such as wills and trusts, you should contact an estate attorney (rather than use an online template). Though the State of Oregon does offer resources for creating Advance Medical Directives (aka a Living Will) on your own.

Thankfully, the best sitcom of all time has us covered with an example. Please watch for Cosmo Kramer’s take on this topic:

Intern wanted, tell your friends!

This summer Modernist Financial would like to open its doors to a new intern. If you know any kick-ass, creative high school or college students, please pass along our contact information!

Portfolio Perspectives

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” You’ve probably heard this old saying used on more than one occasion to emphasize the need for a diversified portfolio. This month our investment committee offers insight on the numbers behind diversification: