TEAM MODERNIST ON #CountHerIn, Georgia at Wildfang, and Dolly Parton

We “celebrated” Equal Pay Day back on April 12th, marking the day on which the average US woman will have earned the same income as an average man did in the previous calendar year. Unfortunately, the April 12th date doesn’t tell the whole story – Latina women won’t have earned the same amount until November 1st. The data is discouraging, but with so many great women and allies out there, we’re hopeful. Read on for more.  –- Georgia and Team Modernist

Nerds of note on the reality of (and data on) women & girls in Oregon

Thanks to our friends at the Women’s Foundation of Oregon, September 21 marked the release of Count Her In, the first comprehensive report on Oregon’s women and girls in 20 years.

WFO says, “This report is a baseline and a call to action, a celebration of resilience, and an opportunity to do things differently for future Oregonians. Above all, Count Her In is an irrefutable imperative for change.”

There are many causes for celebration and, sadly, tears in this thorough and engaging report:

  • Over 1 million (more than 50%) Oregon women and girls have experienced some form of sexual or domestic violence, one of the three highest rates in the nation;
  • Poverty rates for women of color in Oregon are twice as high as those of white women;
  • Childcare costs in Oregon are among the highest in the nation;
  • The wealth gap for Oregon women is among the worst in the nation; and
  • Oregon women have the single highest incidence of depression in the entire country.
  • Despite all this, Oregon women give charitably and volunteer their time at higher rates than Oregon men and than women in most other states.

Thanks to WFO, our non-profits and governmental organizations will now have the information to better provide the services women in our state need most (reliable data also helps nonprofits write stronger grant applications).

We encourage you to check out the full report or the executive summary.  Please consider joining the Foundation as a member.

Songs that are really about equity

Income inequality in the workforce is nothing new.  Written in 1980, “9 to 5” by the fabulous Dolly Parton talks about the struggles of working class folks to get ahead.  Unfortunately, this is a song whose message has stood the test of time. Click on the image below to give it a listen.

Around town: GLH at Wildfang’s Free Speech

October 26th at 7pm, doors at 6:30pm

We’re big fans of Wildfang – a Portland-based clothing start up with an explicitly feminist brand. Not only do they provide the hippest menswear-inspired suiting for boss women, they also build community by hosting monthly storytelling events showcasing Portland’s coolest women. And who is invited to speak at this month’s Free Speech event? It’s none other than our fearless leader, Georgia, speaking on the theme We Could Be Heroes.

We would love it if you joined us for the event on October 26th at 7 PM to support Georgia and maybe even buy some cool feminist swag while you’re at it. 

Click here for directions to Wildfang’s West End store and past speakers’ recordings.

Portfolio perspectives

Last month our Investment Committee weighed in on the (negligible) effects of electoral races on asset prices. This month they continue the discussion with a review of the potential uncertainties and market outcomes of the election.  We also love the chart comparing two hypothetical investors’ portfolios (a S&P 500 portfolio versus a globally diversified Moderate Portfolio) during the last 15 years (hint: we much prefer the lower risk paired with higher returns).