TEAM MODERNIST ON Q2 Investment Webinar, Creatives & Cash, and Kendrick Lamar

This month we are announcing our first Investment Insights webinar and sharing thoughts on business planning for creatives. We hope you enjoy!

Q1 2017 Investment Insights

We’re excited to invite you to our first quarterly investment webinar this Wednesday, May 10th at 12 PM Pacific. We will discuss Q1 2017 global market performance, trends across asset classes, and why we tilt our portfolios toward Small Cap and Value companies. We will also address the financial media’s recent brouhaha over seemingly-high US stock valuations.

Click here to register for our Q1 2017 Investment Insights webinar on Wednesday, May 10th at 12 PM Pacific. If you are unable to join live, you will receive a recording via email.

We hope to see you there!

Nerds of note on creatives & cash

Creatives are more likely than the rest of the workforce to be business owners or self-employed. This month Liliya shared some tactics we use to help our creative entrepreneur clients take their businesses to the next level. Implement them to make your creative business better, faster, stronger!

Check out the essay here: How creative business owners can learn to stop worrying & love their cash, taxes, and advisors

Songs that are really about money stories

Kendrick Lamar, the greatest rapper alive, weaves a moving narrative about fear at ages 7,17 and 27 - on the song FEAR from this year’s album DAMN.

The last segment struck us as a powerful example of a money story steeped in anxiety and mistrust of the capitalist world: At 27, my biggest fear was losin’ it all/Scared to spend money, had me sleepin’ from hall to hall/Scared to go back to Section 8 with my mama stressin’/30 shows a month and I still won’t buy me no Lexus. 

Check it out on Spotify by clicking below.

Photo courtesy of Handout/Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Handout/Getty Images

What we’re reading on LinkedIn

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Modernist takes it outside

This month we’ve had the privilege of being featured in the latest issue of Where’s Your Living Room - Portland’s most authentic lifestyle magazine. Check out our essay on the recently-delayed fiduciary rule here.

We think you will like the rest of the issue, which is chock full of stories about how Portlanders really live.