TEAM MODERNIST ON Inherited Money Stories, Pro-Bono Work, and Video Art

This month we are talking about inherited money stories, recent pro-bono activities, and our Q1 investment webinar. We hope you enjoy!

Portfolio perspectives

We hosted our first Investment Insights webinar last month! We reviewed Q1 2017 global market performance, trends across asset classes, and why we tilt our portfolios towards Small Cap and Value Companies. We also shared our insights on the financial media’s recent commentary on high stock valuations in the US market. Check it out below!

If you’d like to learn more about the Small Cap and Value Premiums, you can read this short explainer from our investment committee: How skydiving can help explain investment risk.

Inherited money stories

Here’s a sneak peek of Georgia’s upcoming essay about inherited money stories - due out soon!

Money has a million stories associated with it. From our broken money stories about creatives, women, people of color, to the many conflicting cliches (money is the root of all evil, greed is good, and certainly, money changes everything). We all inherit these money stories, supportive or not; inheritors, or technically “receivers of wealth transfers,“ are no exception.

Modernist takes it outside

Portland has slowly emerged from winter hibernation, and there is so much going on around town! We have been getting out of Modernist HQ a little more as well, and doing some pro-bono work for the community (gotta keep that B Corp cred!).

Georgia participated in Ask the Expert at Design Week Portland and shared pro-bono financial advice with the creative community.

She also attended a Progress Makes Perfect meeting and shared ideas for aligning personal finances with our values, alongside Kate Rood of local B Corp bank, Beneficial State Bank.

Lastly, she was featured in her alma mater’s alumni magazine in a lovely profile. Read it here!

MFHQ updates

The latest installment in our Video Art series from Upfor Gallery is here! We love this piece by Iyvone Khoo: Oceanus (Bioluminescent Song).

Filming at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in collaboration with marine biologist Michael Latz, Khoo varied sound stimulation, flow visualization, and macro videography to reimagine the phenomenon of bioluminescence as observed in marine microorganisms. Khoo investigates overlap and contrast between ideas of the natural and artificial, facilitating a hypothetical conversation between human and nature.

Scripps 1.png
Scripps 2.png

Images courtesy of Iyvone Khoo and Upfor Gallery